Melinda Hazelgrove

Professional Bio

Dip Teach Primary 1986 Sydney Institute Education

Certificate of Gifted Education 2005-2006 University of NSW


‘I aspire’

I am the Year 2 teacher in a small K-12 CEN [Christian Education National] school at Port Macquarie in NSW [we have 210 students]. I work full time.

Over my teaching career I’ve mainly taught lower primary, with about 3 years teaching Year 6 in the late eighties. From 1991 -2003 I was having my family and I also became a part of the regional Homeschooling community. This was partly for reasons living in a remote rural area and also personal choice in the kind of education my husband and I wanted for our children. The homeschooling community was a supportive group with various professionals contributing expertise to group learning experiences. My memories of homeschooling are very much aligned with the inquiry learning activities I am designing now with the Information Learning Nexus unit in this Masters. Our kids benefitted from a homeschooling foundation to their education and have fond memories of their early schooling.

In 2005 I headed back to teaching with my 4 children, ranging from year 7 down to Kindergarten. The great transition was that I was the Kindergarten teacher! In 2006 I undertook studies in Gifted Education with UNSW and I taught a K-3 “Stretch 1” class. Our school also had a “Stretch 2” class for years 4-6 and a couple of these students also undertook accelerated courses on the Secondary campus. These were students with high ability, who learnt quickly and loved learning. It was both a challenge and an exciting program to be apart of. [I think my co-teacher and I were substantially ‘stretched’ in our professional development also!]

Since then I have taught Year 3 and for the last 5 years, year 2/1 composite classes.

‘the learning journey’ – our recent transport excursion

I entered the Masters program last year with the view to taking on a TL position next year in our school. [Our current TL is about to retire]

A strong interest in gifted education, technology and collecting ideas and information has helped me consider TL as a good way to use my strengths and contribute professionally to our school community.

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