Land of me: Story time

Investigate the education resources available for a piece of mobile media in your life


Over the last couple of years resources for iPads have grown exponentially. This multimedia device can be seen to help bridge the gap of physical and virtual learning resources. Schools have been increasingly using this technology to teach students, providing a more fun and interactive learning environment. Saine (2012) states that “teachers of literacy are integrating iPods, IPads, and the SMARTBoard in the classroom to make their instructional activities more appealing and exciting for their students. As these tools continue to transform literacy instruction, students internalize lifelong skills needed for success in this global society.”


Therefore, I think it is very important to provide students with opportunities to use these devices in educational settings.  I have found that when using this tool in the classroom, most of the time my students know more about the game or application from playing it once than I could even find out in a year.  When looking at the educational resources we have on the iPads at school, one of the apps I like the most is “The Land of Me: Story Time”   from Ladybird Books. This app is a very basic and uses simple language, therefore I find it perfect for preps and year 1. This interactive app is a great resource within the library, as it allows students to create and design their own story, looking several key components of storytelling.
The students are able to choose which character the story will be about, as well as what type of story it will be, eg. happy sad, funny.  This application provides students with storytelling skills by allowing them to expand on the creativity by changing not only the tone of the story but the wording within story.  As you are able to change so many elements of the story, the students will find that there are 27 different possibilities in creating their story making it engaging, non-repetitive and a valuable teaching tool, allowing students to see the parts of the story as well as how the texts develop because of their choices.The iPad format provides a base for many exceptional educational resources not only in literacy, but also the other key learning areas.





Saine. P (2012) “iPods,iPads, and the SMARTBoard: Transforming literacy instructions and student learning” New England Reading Association Journal, 47 (2) 74-79


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