Watchin’, Talkin’ and Playin’ A Game


Today, I hung out with my Lab Assistant’s injured son (year 8).  The things we do to find something to blog about ;p.

[Thank you, Thank you, Thank you B— and L— for saving my assignment after something else fell through. ]

I talked about Battlefield 3 with L—, watched him play and even had a quick go myself before having to go back to playing “mummy” to my toddler.

Unlike my last interview with students about books, I came more prepared and have given L— the questions, got him to jot down some answers and have grammatically edited the spoken language used etc so reads more like written language… trust me, we learn more in this post than with D— and M—



What game are you playing?

Battlefield 3


What console are you using?

Sony Playstation 3


So you look like a character, who are you?

My character is Sargent Miller


What are the rules?

You can not shoot your team mates. There are some areas which are out of bounds


How did you work out how to play and what the rules were?

The first time you are playing the game, you can read the booklet which gives you all the controller’s moves and motions.

Also there are guides and maps in the main menu.

In campaign mode, there are few directions as you go through the game itself.

Generally most people who play this game already know how to play it as it is number 3 in the series.


So, what is it about?

It is a war between the Americans and the Russians in the past. I play on the American team and we are in different settings with old buildings blown up and barren land.

We have to kill all the Russians by cutting them up, shooting them with many different weapons or blowing them up using grenades.

Once a player from the other team is dead, you can go over to them and collect their weapons from the ground and keep for yourself. If you do get shot by the other team, a team mate can come and respawn you or you can commit suicide so you get your whole health back when you respawn.


Do you play the game with other people?

Yes, you play with other people on online.

I play this way quite frequently.

Campaign mode is a one player game only.


You’re online?

I mainly play online. Because the missions in campaign are not extremely hard to get through and you finish the game quite quickly. Online playing against all different levels of people make it much more exciting and interesting. You need to have full concentration as there is so much going on around you.


It looks pretty hard? How do you even work out what buttons to press?

For beginners, it is rather hard.  For more experienced players it is rather easy as you have memorised exactly where each button is and each buttons purpose.

Your reaction speed is critical on winning this game. Your reflexes need to be very fast as it is partial seconds between life and death in this game.


You seem to need to focus on a lot of things…

Yeah. I initially focused lots on controller but not now as I am use to where the buttons are.

This game is in 1st person so you have no idea what is coming up behind or next to you… sometimes it takes effort just to keep your ‘vision’ [view of view] in the right direction as you move quickly through the game.

I have to watch out for other players on enemy teams and make sure I’m not shooting at my own team mates.

I also have to keep an eye on the map for incoming enemies and aiming to shoot whilst I’m moving around.


What are your strategies?

Strategy 1:  be a sniper and the best way to play this position is to find a very well hidden and hard place to get at and camp (meaning staying still hidden from other players in the one place).

Strategy 2: be a soldier and use all the different weapons. Run around and jump climb all over the place hiding behind things as you go shooting as many people as you can before getting shot yourself.  This rapidly increases your score as you get a lot of kills but the risk of getting killed is much greater.


So, is it just scoring to work out who wins?

No. You win the game in campaign mode by your team getting the majority of kills against the Russians, but you have to run around and shoot all the enemies and go to certain check points, there is a map and that shows you which way to go. Completing all your missions will complete the game.


Do you talk with your friends about Battlefield 3, comparing strategies or anything?

I don’t really talk to people outside of the game about the game.

I play with my brother, who also has the game online and we communicate by yelling across to each other.

But same it’s only for direction, survival and help.


Have you looked online or elsewhere for ‘cheats’ or advice?

Sometimes I watch youtube to get ideas for different moves or hiding places.

I have not used any cheats for this game.  Although there is a site called PS3 cheats which you can look up that does tell you codes to use.  I don’t even know if this game is one that has cheats.


Do you find Battlefield 3 relaxing or stressful?

This game is extremely stressful when you play it online because there are so many people playing – all with different skills – and most of the players are more advanced than me … and it being a 15+ rating, most players are adults.

I also have to try and block out some of the conversation that is going on over the head sets, different languages and pitches of people’s voices.

But I don’t use my headset all the time as it is rather annoying.

But if you play on campaign mode it is more relaxing, you are only dealing with yourself and not other human players. It’s much quieter and the missions are way easier to get through.


There isn’t much to read much in this game, is there?

No, you don’t really read anything whilst you are playing the game. Only names of other players that are above the character.

There are can be moments where you do send messages to other players and read messages sent to you on the game via your ps3.

Other than that, only in the options and to change settings.


What’s in the options?

In the options, you get all the stats of your weapons and players.


What sort of person do you think would like this game?

People who are interested in army combat games and enjoy a challenge.  It has a MA rating, so young adults.  There are very few female players online.


Who wouldn’t like Battlefield 3?

People who are not into violence or do not like playing 1st person games.


What do you think you are learning from it?

You learn a lot about the kinds of weapons and vehicles that are used in the military. It increases your reflexes and focus. If playing in campaign mode, it increases your patience.




YUCK! I don’t like first person shooter games, they make me feel sick. I thought Battlefield 3 was going to be more like TOTAL WAR or CIVILIZATION –  games you play from above. I guess, at heart, I’m still a platform game kinda girl. ;p

However, it is clear that L— gets a lot from this game. Apart from reciting specs of weapons seen at a glance, he seems realistic in saying that he has improved his focus, motivation, patience, coordination and reactions speed by playing Battlefield 3.










4 thoughts on “Watchin’, Talkin’ and Playin’ A Game

  1. Yes this is not a game that I would be interested in using but I know some of my students would love it! Winning a game by the number of kills is off-putting for me as well.

  2. You asked some great questions. In particular, what are you learning from it? Do you talk to your friends about the game? and, What are your strategies?
    I don’t like first person shooters either, but I’ll play if the shooting is only part of the game. So, although I wanted to love Portal 2, I don’t have the skills to shoot and move. I’m more of a puzzle & adventure game kind of girl. Online play is very different, and I agree, more stressful – other people see you mess up!

    • So, if we were using these games as an educational tool or just making them available somewhere at school, would we need to have them online? Are they just too boring offline to most of you gamers?

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